Hi, I’m Hayley – a blogger with a passion for creating memorable experiences, travel, adventure and the outdoors!

Taj Mahal, India

Travel and adventure have always encompassed my life. I have been an avid seeker for as long as I can remember. Creative and inquisitive with a thirst for knowledge and learning, I am constantly searching for ways I can grow and develop as a person.

Although, like everyone else, I found myself getting caught up with the stresses of daily life and my quest for a meaningful and fulfilling life soon became a distant memory. It wasn’t until I hit a turning point a few years back that I was reminded just how limited our time on this Earth is and how much I still have to learn and accomplish!

Eiffel Tower, Paris

So, I put together a ‘bucket list’ – a list of things I want to accomplish in my life before I kick the bucket! And I have been working through this list, bit-by-bit ever since.

Follow my blog to read my unfiltered stories, lessons and photos of my adventures and hopefully I might inspire you to create your own bucket list! 

Scuba diving, Gilli Islands

About Hayley

I am a 32 year old Perth-based Marketing & Communications Manager, writer and author of Before You Kick The Bucket. I also write Diary of a Modern Woman.

Jumping out of a plane, cage diving with Great White sharks and swimming with dolphins are just some of the things I have been fortunate enough to tick off my bucket list.

Sky diving, Jurien Bay

When I am not creating content or experiences, you can find me cuddled up to a good book, a glass of vino in hand and Powderfinger playing on repeat.

I have a passion for people, culture, travel, sports, adventure, Paulo Coelho books, Netflix documentaries and getting lost in the bush.

Hiking, Hamner Springs

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions of things you would like me to add to my bucket list! Follow Before You Kick The Bucket to keep up-to-date with the latest blog post or follow me on social media.

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